Edward Greenspon

Vice-President, Business Development for the Star Media Group

He is an award-winning journalist and author and has covered global and national politics from bases in Europe and in Ottawa. He was a Commonwealth Scholar at the London School of Economics, earning a masters degree in politics and government with distinction in 1985, and won the Hyman Solomon Award for Excellence in Public Policy Journalism in 2002.

Cathrin Bradbury

Executive Director of Content Development for the Star Media Group

She has deep experience in the magazine and newspaper worlds. Her award-winning work spans subjects as diverse as news, fashion, lifestyle and public affairs. She has a keen ability to identify “the story” and spin it out in multiple platforms. Her work has been recognized with two special project prizes at the National Newspaper Awards.

dick Snyder

Strategic Creative Lead for Star Content Studios

He combines two decades of experience in newspaper and magazine journalism with extensive client- and brand-publishing credentials for top North American companies on both print and digital platforms.

Sarah lilleyman

Managing Editor for Star Content Studios

She executes all commercial content for special sections, reports and magazines. She has extensive newspaper and journalistic experience as an editor and writer.

elizabeth holland

Branded Content Specialist for Star Content Studios

She combines her extensive experience in journalism with multi-platform client publishing and has launched numerous publications in collaboration with top-notch clients in diverse fields.

meg button

Digital Creative Lead for Star Content Studios

A social media strategist much in demand at new media conferences and seminars, she is also a digital and print art director with many blue-chip clients in her portfolio.

bobby box

Content Creator for Star Content Studios

He writes compelling branded copy for print, digital and social media campaigns, and is also a prolific freelance journalist and columnist.

JoSeph barbieri

Strategic Advisor to Star Content Studios

As a marketing and media industry leader and content marketing expert, he has successfully developed and executed branded content and content marketing programs for North American and Global brands. Joseph sits on the Board of Directors of the Custom Content Council (New York).


Content Creator for Star Content Studios

A journalist who cut her teeth at some of Canada’s most prominent publications, and a recent Ryerson graduate, she develops fresh ideas and content for special sections and reports.

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